Discover the Magic Through the Lens: Fresh Finds at Focus

February 6, 2024

Henrik Ibsen once said, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and at Focus, the charming photo gallery nestled in the heart of Woodstock, Vermont, each photo tells a captivating tale. With over 100 stunning photographs available for purchase in an array of sizes, mediums, and framing options, the gallery is a visual symphony that resonates with the spirit of Vermont and beyond.

Photographers and gallery owners, Loren Fisher, Ron Lake and Bob Wagner, travel extensively, curating an extraordinary photographic collection that captures the essence of Vermont and transports you to diverse corners of the world. Join us on this captivating adventure as we introduce our newest additions.


Chillin – West Windsor, Vermont – Loren Fisher

While driving through the back roads during a snowstorm in West Windsor, Loren stumbled upon two horses in a field. As he approached, the horses, with a joyous curiosity trot through the snow to greet him unbothered by the freezing temperatures. The resulting photograph, Chillin, encapsulates this heartwarming moment.

This photo is available in various sizes and mediums. Click here for information about how to order this print or stop by the gallery to view it in person.

Harvest Table with Hydranga

Harvest Table – Woodstock, Vermont – Bob Wagner

In a moment of serendipity, Bob discovered the perfect play of light through a window, illuminating a wooden bowl and gourds at a barn in Woodstock. The textures, reflections and warm hues evoke the timeless essence of Old English Still-Life paintings from past centuries.

This is a limited-edition photo part of the gallery’s Collector Editions. Two similar pictures are also available, Harvest Table with Hydrangea and Harvest Table with Wildflowers. Click here for information about how to order this print or stop by the gallery to view it in person.

Explore our entire collection of photographs available for purchase through the online gallery. Whether you choose to order online, visit us in person, or give us a call at (802) 457-7327, each photograph offers a unique perspective of the world. Embrace the magic of storytelling through the lens at Focus - A Vermont Gallery.