Behind the Photo - Squall

February 21, 2024
They don't happen real often, but when a good squall comes through Vermont it can be a beautiful event. I happened to be near...

The story behind the photo.

They don’t happen very often, but when a good snow squall comes through Vermont, it creates an incredibly beautiful event. Earlier this year, Loren Fisher was near this barn when the snow blew in creating a unique look with this bright red barn. When the snow lifts into the air, it changes the color of the barn so rather than being a constant solid red, it appears lighter and darker in areas depending on how much snow is blowing by. The heavy snowfall makes the sky and ground the same color and the trees in the background become barely visible adding to the mystery of the scene.

One of the challenges with photographing blowing snow is keeping the snow off the lens of the camera. Typically, when Loren is photographing in a snowstorm, you’ll see him with a large golf umbrella overhead to keep the camera and the lens dry. While photographing this moment, the wind was blowing so hard that had Loren used his umbrella, he would have spent more time chasing it down the road than capturing this incredible photo.

His advice for taking photos in the snow? Keep the camera gear cold so that snowflakes don’t melt when they land on it and can be brushed off easily. If snowflakes stick to your lens, be sure to have a cold microfiber towel on hand. Loren typically keeps the microfiber towel over the front of the lens and only removes it when it is time to compose, focus and take the final shot.

The recommended medium for this photograph is a traditional paper print. The intricate detail of this photo is apparent in a paper print and makes the blowing snow stand out.

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