Stargate - One of Vermont's Unique Events

March 27, 2024
Here an iron worker flings a white-hot stream of molten iron flying through the air and splattering on the wall. The iron explodes...

Each month, we’ll feature an Artist’s pick, offering one of our photographers the chance to share a photo of their choosing. This month, we’re featuring Bob Wagner’s Stargate.

Captured amidst one of Vermont’s unique events highlighting the rich quarry and stone cutting legacy of the state, Stargate emerges as a testament to both tradition and innovation. In this mesmerizing shot, molten metal dances against the backdrop of the night sky during the RockFire event.

What makes Stargate remarkable to Bob is not only its visual spectacle but the narrative it encapsulates. This image highlights Vermont’s industrious spirit and vibrant community, and to Bob, he marvels at the synergy of elements – the molten metal suspended in the air, the iron worker’s admiration for his work, and the remarkable energy of the event itself.

Bob loved the uniqueness of the event and the excitement that he felt being in the moment. He admires that Vermont promotes their industries, hard workers and immigrants who have helped define the character of the state and made it what it is today. And he is grateful to have a way to capture these moments and share them with others.

Each photo in the gallery lends itself to a particular medium. Stargate looks best as a large picture printed on high gloss aluminum because that is the only medium that does the ‘stars’ justice. This photo can be purchased through our online gallery, in person or by calling us at (802) 457-7327.