A February Favorite - Heart Trees

February 28, 2024
The trees jumped out at me while I was photographing snow. The shape looks like a heart, I don't know if someone trimmed them...

I spend a lot of time out in the snow looking for something different to photograph, or at least a different way to photograph the same things. I love the look of winter trees isolated against pure, white snow. The simplicity and minimal look is something that I have strived for over the years.

To get that look I have to find trees that are standing alone and usually on a hillside or during a heavy snowstorm so the background isn't cluttered with other trees and things. I keep a log of places that I see as I travel the area, if the timing is right I know where to look when it might be a better time to photograph something.

"Heart Trees" were among several trees on a hillside that I thought might be worth looking at on this winter day. The last time I was there the two trees didn't have the heart shape, in fact they were too interesting at all, I came to the location because of a couple other trees.

Plus I didn't notice the heart shape at first, it wasn't until I moved around a bit that I noticed how the trees had blended together. I had to move my tripod down low to make the angle work just right.

-- Loren Fisher