Snowy Barn - It is reminiscent of grandpa

March 6, 2024  |  Woodstock, VT
I love getting out in a snowstorm and making pictures. The more snow the better and when the snow is falling and people are heading...

Each month, we’ll feature an Artist’s pick, offering one of our photographers the chance to share a photo of their choosing. This month, Loren Fisher selected his photo Snowy Barn, which also happens to be the most popular photo in the gallery.

Snowy Barn
was made during a February snowstorm in Woodstock, Vermont. The photo has garnered immense popularity as it resonates with viewers on multiple levels. For Loren, the photo reminds him of his long-gone grandfather. It’s not so much the barn that reminds him of his grandfather, since his grandfather didn't have a barn, but rather the calmness it exudes. The feeling of the falling snow, the serene setting and the vibrant splash of red against the white, snowy surroundings all come together perfectly in this photo.

Loren has driven past this barn many times and is always captivated by its position just beyond the crest of the hill. Although he’s photographed it in various seasons, this particular shot stood out as his favorite. In the summer, the trees tend to clutter the photo, and in the autumn, the green grass competes with the overall image. Even in the winter, on bright sunny winter days, the colors become too intense. However, on this day in February, he ventured to the barn during a heavy snowstorm. To his surprise, the combination of the white covered trees and the deep snow in the field created the perfect opportunity for this photo.

To make this photo, Loren shared that he had to tromp through deep snow and then burrow into it to get low enough to emphasize the clean line of snow over the small hill crest as it cut into the bottom of the barn. A mighty task during a chilly snowstorm in February, but one that has created a favorite photo for many.

Snowy Barn
is very popular as a canvas print because the material provides a soft, painterly feel, but it also looks great as a traditional paper print which brings out more color and detail. This photo can be purchased through our online gallery, in person or by calling us at (802) 457-7327.

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