Bob Wagner Photos

Bob trained as an electrical engineer and spent over 35 years in the Boston tech industry before retiring and moving to Vermont. Bob has taken pictures all his life but only in retirement has he become interested in photography as an art form with a goal to move away from ‘on-the-fly’ snapshots and create images worthy of hanging on a wall. Bob is self-trained and is constantly learning new tips and tricks for taking photos.

In 2017, Bob bought his first DSLR camera and joined his partners Loren and Ron on a workshop to Provence, France exploring the lavender fields. It was here that he stared to develop an eye for landscape photography and subsequent trips to Maine, Iceland, Chile and Italy have further cemented Bob’s love of the space around him. Bob uses his camera to explore Vermont and the world and invites visitors to see what he sees.

Bob looks for images that ‘invite you in,’ or pose the question what happens next or what’s missing? These are the images that bring a smile to our faces, our hearts, and encourage us to be ‘in the moment.’