Lupines are a great way to enter summer

June 7, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

Flower photography is not my great passion but I've alway been attracted to lupines, those wonderful wildflowers that appear around Vermont in early June. Each year I look forward to seeing the lupines since I know that summer is close at hand.

Most lupines are a lovely deep purple but there are also pink and white ones. They are tall and narrow and grow in bunches, you rarely see a single one. I know of a large field of them in Woodstock and this year a friend told me about another large display in Hartford that just popped up this year. A couple of years ago the lot was cleared but nothing was built. I guess somebody told the lupines because they came in force this year.

The lupines are only in their prime for about two weeks so I always have to hurry to get out there when the weather is right to photograph them. Even the slightest breeze will make them move and that can create some real problems when I'm trying to photograph them up close.

In the Woodstock field were also pretty little buttercups, or at least that's what I think they are. The small yellow flowers don't last much longer that lupines but I found some nestled in among the lupines. I crawled around to get the best angle while being careful not to smash any of the other flowers. I found the perfect setup where I had a nice big lupine in the foreground surrounded by many more in the background and just three little yellow buttercups off to the side.

The resulting beautiful photo was just what I was looking for and is a great way for the summer to begin.

-- Loren Fisher