Our Love For Vermont

February 14, 2024

Vermont has always held a special place in our gallery owners’ hearts. This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, join photographers Loren Fisher and Bob Wagner as they take you on a journey through the lens sharing what they love most about the state of Vermont.

Best Bridge
While I was photographing this Vermont covered bridge I saw a woman coming through on a horse. She said her car didn't start that morning so she rode her horse four miles to work.

Loren Fisher grew up in a small town of 300 people in Indiana. While the town was small, it was unique in that it had its own covered bridge. The bridge was originally one of four in the area but by the time Loren graduated high school, his town’s covered bridge was the only one within 150 miles.

The first time Loren came to Vermont was for a camping trip. As he traveled through the state to the campground, he passed through a covered bridge where kids were jumping off into the river. He was immediately hooked. Following that experience, Loren set out on a mission to photograph the 106 covered bridges throughout Vermont. Years later, he and his wife, decided to buy a house in Woodstock. “Vermont is a beautiful place all year. I especially love to photograph during a heavy snowfall. It is pure love every time I go out with the camera,” Loren shared.

Country Road 3

Every year the trees in Vermont change colors for just a couple of weeks. Here is a golden country
road in the early morning hours with a stone wall and some fallen leaves.

Photo by Bob Wagner

For Bob Wagner, Vermont has always been more than a destination; it was a cherished memory from his childhood. Eleven years ago, he had the opportunity to retire to Vermont and didn’t hesitate.

Enthralled by Vermont’s diversity, from the vibrant pulse of the Northeast Kingdom to the serene landscapes of Central and Southern regions, Bob's love for the state has grown in every corner. Yet, it wasn’t the glitz or glamour that captured his heart; it was the steadfast values of the people here.

In Vermont, community is what matters and is rooted in a deep appreciation for tradition and respect for the land. Vermont’s ban on billboards embodies a harmony between nature and humanity – a testament to the spirit of the people who live here.

When asked about his favorite season to photograph, Bob replied, “I’ve lived and visited a lot of places, and nothing beats Autumn in Vermont. The colors, the light, the chill in the air all contribute to my photography and what I’m feeling when I snap a photo. If Fall is a 10/10, then Winter, Spring and Summer are all 9/10. Mud season and stick season though (Vermont’s two additional seasons) are 5/10.”

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