Welcome to the new website!

We are thrilled to launch our new website! It runs much faster than the old one and makes finding, selecting and purchasing photos much easier.

We've eliminated much of the clicking you had to do before to find photos. We've categorized photos into what we think are logical collections, so if you are interested in photos from the Woodstock area, you simply go to Galleries and then Woodstock Area. The same if you are looking for snow photos or fall foliage or animals.

In some Galleries there are multiple pages of photos. If you want to see all that gallery's photos on one page, click on View All at the top of the gallery. Or you can click View Slideshow and sit back and watch the photos scroll past.

If you remember the name of the photo you saw in the gallery our search feature finds your image in a blink. Click on Search, type the name and you'll see it right away.

We've added helpful tips in our Mockup section to make it easy for you to see how our photos would look on your wall. While you are in the gallery we know it can be hard to visualize how your house or office might look with our photo on your wall. All you need to do is use your camera phone, or any other camera, take a picture of the wall, take a measurement of something like the height from the floor to ceiling and email the photo and measurement to us along with the photo or photos you are interested in. We'll then create a very realistic view of your wall with our photo scaled to size. We can do multiple photos and different sizes.

Keep checking back as we're constantly adding to our Blog. We'll be talking about the newest photos we have in the gallery and some back stories about how we made the images. We'll also share our travels, as we wander Vermont and venture around the country and world.