Envisioning what art will look like hanging on your walls can be difficult. That is why we provide our mockup service for free. Not only will it help you see how the colors of your space will work with the photo, it will show you how the sizing will look. We can show you several of our photos on your wall or just your favorite, it is up to you. We can also show you how different sizes will look. And best of all, there are three easy steps for you!

Step 1: Photograph your room

Use your phone or any camera and make a picture of your wall. Don't worry about other things hanging on the wall or things in the way. Just be sure to shoot straight into the wall, not at an angle, make sure the wall looks as flat as you can.

Step 2: Measure something

When you send us a measurement we can then scale our art to your space. Measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling or the width of a couch. Or it could be the distance from a desk to the ceiling. Anything will work.

Step 3: Email the photo

Email your photo of the room along with the measurement and let us know the artworks' title you would like to have mocked up on the wall. Email everything to the address below and you'll see your mockup within a few days.